There are literally hundreds of factors that affect the cost of video production.  And you can’t simply choose a company based on price, because a lower price – while attractive in this economy – will rarely yield the best result. The bottom line?  Let us know YOUR bottom line – or at least give us a range.  Whether your ballpark is $500 or $5,000 or $15,000 it’s best to communicate that up front so we can help you create a concept and a production plan that suits your needs and achieves your goals in the most cost-effective way possible.


Before giving you a quick quote, an experienced producer will ask a lot of questions – including what budget range you are considering. It would be great if there were a simple formula but video production involves far too many variables.  We need a lot more information before we can give you a meaningful estimate. We need to consider factors like who is your target audience, the level of production value they are expecting to see, the potential value of a truly great video to you or your company, and most importantly, a ballpark figure reflecting what you can actually spend.


The best thing to do is talk to us. With nearly 20 years of award-winning video and multimedia experience, we can help you define your goals, advise you on how to achieve your vision within your budget, and help you maximize every dollar you spend so it shows up on the screen in a memorable production. When we do talk, we can explore a range of video production services and explain how they influence the budget. Remember, whatever the size or scope of your project, we’ll deliver a video that you’ll love and that we’ll all be proud of.  For a free consultation and estimate call us at 510-368-two three zero four or email pleitgeb [at]


Here are some factors we need to consider:
  • Do you already have a concept, or are we developing one for you?

  • If your concept is more expensive to produce than you thought, are you open to a different concept that achieves your goals within your budget?

  • What exactly needs to be shot?(This is an all-important question, because it determines which equipment we need)

  • How large of a crew will we need?

  • How many days of shooting will be required?

  • Where are we shooting the video and are there location expenses?

  • Do we need to hire actors or models or voice-over talent?  Or are we using your own people?  (There are pros and cons to each.)

  • Will we need to hire minors? California law requires we follow special procedures for this.

  • How complex is the editing?

  • Will there be sophisticated graphics or special effects?

  • Will we need an original music score, or stock music, or no music at all?

  • How long will the completed video be? 

  • Do we need to shoot in HD or standard definition?

  • Will you provide some of the materials i.e digital photos, videos, etc.?

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