Introducing the Soraa Snap Lamp System

I worked with Eric Sahlin over at Eric Sahlin Photography to help him create a video for Soraa who was marketing their new Snap System LED lighting. The Soraa Snap System is the first LED lamp/accessory solution that is optimized to work as an integrated system. Based on high brightness single source GaN on GaN™ LED technology combined with an innovative set of magnetic filters and lens attachments, it completely redefines accessory application.

Now you can achieve multiple distributions with single lamp specification, apply beam shapes that were never before possible, and fine tune installations for unique conditions and requirements. The Snap System has several beam shaping attachments, including beam spreaders, linear lenses, and "flat-tops" that provide rectangular beam distribution patterns to perfectly illuminate furniture, art, and other rectangular objects.

The Snap System's CCT Shifter filters can provide color temperatures that are rare or impossible to find, like a warm, glowing natural 2200K CCT, providing excellent flexibility and freedom to adapt many color temperatures to any installation while specifying only one lamp. The Soraa lamps' clean light and excellent color rendering are a perfect match for CCT shifting.

Soraa lamps consistently win design awards, including the 2013 red dot design award, for their innovative integrated design, made possible by Soraa's proprietary GaN on GaN® LED technology. The elegant simplicity of the Soraa Snap system builds on our ability to make smaller, lighter, more powerful and high quality light sources and explore exciting new horizons of design possibilities in lighting.

SORAA VIVID 2 and PREMIUM 2 Narrow spot lamps, with Soraa’s Gen 2 LED, are the first no-compromise LED MR16s, and completely surpass halogen 50W lamps in every requirement: output-up to 6500 CBCP; Color rendering >95 CRI and >95 R9; white rendering; compatibility; beam distribution; lifetime; and efficiency.

Learn more about the Soraa Snap Lamp System at

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