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Center Cut Studio is a video production and advertising company based in the San Francisco Bay Area that serves clients throughout the United States. Whether you are a large corporation who needs to deliver a message to your employees, or a small business that wants to grow, we are skilled at creating the right message with professional video production.  Center Cut Studio produces commercial advertisements, promotional videos, marketing videos, corporate communication videos, explainer videos, product launch videos, website videos and more, all within your budget.  Check out the Center Cut Studio Portfolio page for a sample of our work.

Why does my business need a video?

If you don't incorporate video in your business model, your competition will.  The benefits of using videos to deliver messages can have enormous advantages, especially because of social media like Facebook and Twitter.  Here's why:

  • First, they help create an interactive experience between you and your client or customer. If you are highlighting a promotion, showcasing your store, or communicating a message, you have a better chance of having that person stay on your website longer, increasing "stickiness."

  • Second, a video can help you convey your message in a shorter amount of time, avoiding having to read large amounts of text or navigate through other pages.

  • Third, videos help drive traffic to your website. Search engines now offer videos as part of their search results. So with proper SEO(search engine optimization) your video can help people find your business online.

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