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Script Writing
Location Scouting
Art Direction
Casting (Voice and On-Screen)
Legal Assistance (Release Forms, Contracts, etc.)

Director of Photography with HD cameras
Lighting Technicians
Audio Engineers
Special Film Equipment (Steadicam, Jibs, Dollies, etc.)
Make-Up Artists

Adobe Premiere Editing
Adobe After Effects Motion Graphics
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Audition




Project Information Gathering--This is the first step in the process

of creating your video.  We arrange a meeting to discuss all the needs for your project.  The purpose for this meeting is to get our creative team the necessary information to prepare a production estimate.  This is the meeting where you give us all the relevant information you want included in your video.


Center Cut Studio Production Estimate--After careful review of the notes from the initial meeting, we prepare an estimate based on your needs and goals. Upon approval of the production estimate, we proceed through the production. The creative and experienced team at CenterCut Studio picks it up and starts to mold all that information and data into a compelling and memorable story.

Shoot--With our professional cameras and staff, we begin the video shoot.  Following the shot list, we capture all of the footage with attention to creativity and detail.

Voice-over--A voice-over will enhance the visuals. We use several roster pools of professional voice-overs located throughout the U.S.

Depending on the project, we'll email you several choices and, based on the narrator that you select, he/she records the narration and sends back the final recording.

Editing--The editing process begins, following the agreed upon script.  We deliver a rough edit for your review.   A final edit is created based upon your feedback and creative input.




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Center Cut Studio is a video production company based in the
San Francisco Bay Area that serves clients throughout the United States.

Whether you are a large corporation that needs to deliver a message to your employees, or a small business that wants to grow, we are skilled at creating the right message with professional video production.  Center Cut Studio produces commercial advertisements, promotional videos, educational demo videos, client testimonial videos—all within your budget.

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